You know in hard days that’s not bad things that suffers us, it’s waiting for good days that makes us feel pain.

In some days it’s easy to be a good and kind person but in some days it needs courage. Being special is not having a special music playlist, interest in movies or pretending a feeling. It’s about doing something special. It’s acts not a state of emotion.

Great things come out from dreaming, trying and hard work of great persons. “THE GREAT” surname comes after victory and as we are in start of beginning you can just call us a bunch of fantasy dreamers.

Here is the opportunity maybe never come again, It’s somewhere that you can be part of a good thing, make some friends have something to be proud of.

See our programs blow to believe that with each other we can make our life better.


“Stem Cell Society (SCS) is a society that everyone should be a citizen of.”

You asked “why?”

You say why your website URL is “metaSCS.ir”.

We also ask ourself why they should choose us.

There’s lots of why.

Maybe because here there is microCollege, STEMCLUB and lots of other things that we cannot say what are they like ABC project.

Condsider us as a platform that can be programed by you. We are a society so there is some rules but it’s not a real life society so there is no government to be pain in the neck. You make rules and you choose which rules apply to yourself. You are the reason of society existence. It’s not a new responsibility. Arts and entertainments get together to bring here real. We chose this modern and important knowledge (Stem Cell) as a trophy for our fun games. :)) You also can not imagine the amount of learning before you enter our society. Here fire and ice get together. We are rational poets and emotional scientists. SCS is a creature with knowlege as its spirit and fun as its body. Do not compare us with past because we are future. Join us. We are a society not a university.


Here we go  with a solution. Everyone wants a friend to call him or her the  excelsior and as you are the best friend of yourself, you should turn into one. Here there’s a map that takes you there, I mean edge of knowledge. Stem cell is a topic consists of nearly every science and technology about future cures. A bomb in market, bigger than oil and weapon trading in thirty next years.

You don’t have time. You are busy with university, friends or just living up life. Just like us. microCollege is an interactive prominent dispel for problems. Here the magic meta come into a micro thing.  It’s for saving time and getting students familiar with true ways of becoming wise. Four elements get to one to make this college. V presents, Stemview, Events and a library. Come and see.


“Do it after you realize it’s true”

This club is just a stem, you choose which fruit bear on branches. Actually it’s a CLUBer not just a club.

If you want to participate in events, attend in festivals or help us to create better things and make here more glamorous, It’s your place.

A consolation or friends for reaching goals. It can be science, art, entertainment or any other thing.  You just need a talent to enter the club and who doesn’t have one? The talents will combine, new talents born and show up to reach something enjoyable and beneficial.

It just takes you writing down your name and phone number. click here.

ABC project

It needs paying attention. We are SCS. We do lots of things for improvement. We do them for ourselves and for others. We are a team. Maybe a metafamiliy.

ABC is an acronym. We cannot say what is it until the day comes but be sure about that we will do this with best citizens of our society. then, for this, everyone will call us metaMINDERS.
Something great is in imagination. We need help to make it real. It’s the vision of ours.

click here to see how much remains